The FB2000 is the mature, complete, comprehensive flexible line of Bocedi stretch hood packaging machines.

Largest Stretch Hooder

The FB2000 end of the line hooding machine range has been specifically designed for the most challenging production cycles and packaging requirements.

The line includes 8 different models which are able to hood from a 500x400mm load size up to the larger 3600x1700mm size. The FB2000 has a hooding capacity as fast as 280+ pallets per hour depending on the load size.

The wide variety of machine models allows one to find the perfect match for your production rates and packaging requirements.

Six Stretch film sizes

The FB2000 can be equipped with up to six different stretch film sizes, with automatic film selection to make sure your load is always packed with the best film size and to reduce to the minimum the amount of used plastic for each hood.

Patented system

Quality and reliability are always priorities for Bocedi when designing packaging equipment. The FB2000 stretch hooder has a patent on the sealing bar lowering system, for easy access to the maintenance area at floor level.

Matches your requirements

FB2000 hooder is also available in Hybrid Stretch + Shrink configuration, which is able to operate up to 6 mixed stretch or shrink films sizes. The perfect solution for diversified product ranges.

Download PDF


Download PDF


Technical data:

  • Capacity: 280 pallet/hr
  • Minimum pallet size: 500×400 mm
  • Maximum pallet size: 3600×1700 mm
  • Blades and sealing bar lowerable at operator level

Max pallet size per machine model (LxW):

  • FB2000 Small: 1100x900mm
  • FB2000 Standard: 1500x1300mm
  • FB2000 L: 2150x1300mm
  • FB2000 L+: 2150x1600mm
  • FB2000 L CC: 2000x1900mm
  • FB2000 XL: 3000x1300mm
  • FB2000 XXL: 3600x1300mm
  • FB2000 XXL+: 3600x1700mm

Pallet Finish

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